Final Poster Session


Poster Title Authors and Affiliations
Deployment of ARG-US RFID System for Nuclear Materials Transportation Kun Chen (Argonne National Laboratory, US); Yuan Sun (Argonne National Lab, US); Han-Chung Tsai (Argonne National Laboratory, US); Yung Liu (Argonne National Laboratory, US); James Shuler (US Department of Energy, US)
Deployment of ARG-US RFID System for Nuclear Materials Storage Management Yuan Sun (Argonne National Lab, US); Kun Chen (Argonne National Laboratory, US); Han-Chung Tsai (Argonne National Laboratory, US); Yung Liu (Argonne National Laboratory, US); James Shuler (US Department of Energy, US)
An Intelligent RFID-Based Hand-Washing Compliance Monitoring System for the Reduction of Nosocomial Infections Shashank Mane (Texas Tech University, Lubbock , TX, US); Jerry Lopez (Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, US); Suyash Jain (Texas Tech University, US); Donald Lie (Texas Tech University, US); Ron Banister (Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, US); Sharmila Dissanaike (Texas Tech University Health Science Center, US); John Griswold (Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, US)
An Antenna Array with High Gain and Broad-band Applied for RFID Vehicle Management Wei He (China Chen Rui Information and Technology Co., Ltd, CN)
An RFID Interface for 3D Audio Web Consumption Victor Kai Yuen Wu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US)
A Curved Strip Dipole on Electromagnetic Band Gap for RFID Antenna Reader P. Krachodnok (Suranaree University of Technology, TH)
Validation Of RFID Tool Prototype: Smart Shelf Case Jose Vieira (University of Sao Carlos, BR); Paula Valerio (Flextronic Institute of Technology, BR)
Use of RFID Technology in Mobile Phones Donald Ekong (Mercer University, US)
Localisation and Activity Detection in Operating Rooms via Active RFID using Self-Organising Maps Dave Parry (Auckland University of Technology, NZ); Bryan Houliston (Auckland University of Technology, NZ); Alan Merry (University of Auckland, NZ)
A Lightweight Protocol to Robust TID-Based Anti-Counterfeiting Qi Chai (University of Waterloo, CA); Guang Gong (University of Waterloo, CA)
Extended Localizing with NFC-capable cell phones Andreas Loeffler (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, DE)
Application of the RFID Concept to the Analysis of Under-Surface Conduits Riccardo Stefanelli (Politecnico di Torino – iXem Labs, IT); Daniele Trinchero (Politecnico di Torino, IT);Adnan Abudayya (QUWIC, QA); Abdullah Kadri (QU Wireless Innovations Center, QA); Mazen Hasna (Qatar University, QA); Tamer Khattab (Qatar University, QA)
Wideband Characterization of UHF RFID Channels for Ranging and Positioning Daniel Arnitz (Graz University of Technology, AT); Ulrich Muehlmann (NXP Semiconductors, AT); Klaus Witrisal (Graz University of Technology, AT)
Design and deployment of an extreme temperature SOC RFID-type tag Neil Curry (Leeds University, UK); Greg Horler (Leeds University, UK)
Interactive Packaging Solutions Based on RFID Technology and Controlled Delamination Materials Jie Gao (Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), SE)
Deploying RFID in Longan Fruit Recycle Project Rangsan Tongta (Suranaree University of Technology, TH); Veerachai Arjhan (Suranaree University of Technology, TH)
Determining Occupant Density and Patterns for FM operations using RFID Farhan Khan (University College Cork (UCC), Ireland, IE); Zixiang Cong (University College Cork, IE); Karsten Menzel (University College Cork (UCC), Ireland, IE)
Performance of Artificially Enhanced Planar Antennae Isaac Ehrenberg (MIT, US)
High Sensitivity UHF RFID Reader Baseband Design for EPC Class-1 Generation-2 Feng Ge (Illinois Institute of Technology, US); Ken Choi (Illinois Institute of Technology, US)
Magnetic feeding for UHF-RFID Tags Antenna Mohamed Mabrouk (ISETCOM de Tunis, TN)
UHF RFID Transponder with Miniaturized Packaging and Interconnection Laurent Dussopt (CEA, LETI, Minatec, FR); Jean Brun (CEA, LETI, Minatec, FR); Dominique Vicard (CEA, LETI, Minatec, FR); Francois Frassati (CEA, LETI, Minatec, FR); Benoit Lépine (CEA, LETI, Minatec, FR)